Zilla Parishad Girls High School (ZPGHS), Vetapalem, AP, India(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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* These are 9 yrs old memories. People may change, feelings & memories don’t *
Description - Published on 02/22/2012
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vetapalem - Zilla Parishad Girls High School(ZPGHS), Vetapalem
Vetapalem is a census town in Prakasam district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Vetapalem is on Tenali-Madras railway line, close to the eastern sea coast near to the Constituency of Chirala. Vetapalem is otherwise called as MRUGAYAPURI in the ancient days.

Besides being famous for its fine Cashew Nuts, this small town is home to a treasure of telugu literature. If your search for a telugu book has been unsuccessful so far, chances are that you will find it in Vetapalem Saraswata Niketanam. The high school is a famous model girls school in Vetapalem mandalam.

ZPGHS was established in 1908. Vetapalem is a rural area and with poor people. The school has good infrastructure with all facilities provided by Zilla Parishad, Prakasam Dt. The students who studied at ZPGHS since 1908 settled in different higher positions in different fields. ZPGHS has reached glory of 100 years.

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