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Vodarevu Beach, Chirala, AP, India(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on Feb/22/2012
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http://www.onlytravelguide.com/andhra-pradesh/beaches/vodarevu-beach.php - Vodarevu Beach, Chirala
Vodarevu beach is 6 km from Chirala in Prakasam district. It is also near to Suryalanka Beach, Bapatla. Vodarevu beach has a gorgeous beach. Vodarevu beach is fairly famous with tourists regularly, this too is a nice getaway from the movement and hustle of city life. There is a constant inflow of tourists spending their weekends in these peaceful settings as the place is very nice to visit and for relaxation.

Vodarevu beach makes quite a nice weekend hideout and has got quite a good share of tourist inflow, mainly because of its peaceful setting.

>City(s) = Chirala; State(s) = AP; Country = India.
>Title = Vodarevu Beach, Chirala, AP, India - Video.
>Keywords = Vodarevu Beach, Chirala, AP, India, Prakasam district,Andhra, bay of bengal,Suryalanka Beach, Bapatla


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