Sri Maha Rudra Yagna celebrations, Sunnyvale, CA, USA(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 06/23/2019
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3 days grand event - June 21/22/23, 2019 at Shirdi Sai Darbar in Sunnyvale.

Priceless Opportunity to the Maha Rudra Yajna right here in the Bay Area. Performed in the most authentic Maharnava Uktha by 121 Ritwiks, 11 Pandits, 1331 Rudram Chanting and 133 Rudra Homams, Sai Moola mantra Homams. Rare opportunity to contribute to the all wish fulfilling , Lalitha Sahasranama Archana by 108 Suvasinis and Shirdi Sai Satya Vrat Puja by Minimum 108 Familes.

255 San Geronimo Way, Sunnyvale, CA, 94085.

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