Sri Durga MalleswaraSwamy varla Devastanams (Indrakeeladri), Vijayawada, AP, India(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 02/22/2012
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Goddess Kanaka Durga manifested herself (Swayambhu) on the hillock known as Indrakeeladri situated on the left Bank of River Krishna at Vijayawada. The origin of this shrine is known to be of 8th century. The temple was constructed during the Regime of Mogalaya rulers. According to Sthalapuranam, Mogalaya Ruler Thanisha with the assistance of his Ministers Akkanna and Madanna managed the temple with head quarters at Kondapalli.

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Sankara Bhagavatpadulu (Adi Sankaracharya) visited this temple during 8th century and worshipped the deity and installed - SRICHAKRAM - at the feet of Goddess. This temple is of Smartha Agama Sampradaya. Sub-temples of Lord Sri Malleswara Swamy varu, Sri Nataraja Swamy temple are located on north east corner of Goddess. Sri Subrahmanyeswara Swamy Temple is located on north side of main temple. This temple is one of the 10 major temples of the state and one of the popular pilgrimage centre, and has been acquiring importance day by day.

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