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Description - Published on 03/31/2010
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The Smithsonian 44th Kite Festival was founded in 1967 by aviation pioneer Paul E. Garber (1899-1992). He is a founder of the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) and was NASMs first historian Emeritus.

The Festival features kite fliers from across the United States and the world. Traditionally a part of the festivities at cherry blossom time in the Nations Capital, the Smithsonians colorful Kite Festival is one of the most popular annual events held on the National Mall.

This free(on the Washington Monument grounds), public event organized by The Smithsonian Associates and the National Air and Space Museum features kite displays, demonstrations and handmade kite competitions.

The Smithsonian 44th annual Kite Festival will showcase craft in flight, beauty in the air, and the art of making kites soar.

Festival Activities

Kites as Craft: A beautiful display of hand-crafted kites from all over the world.

Childrens Kitemaking: Children are invited to design and create their own kites with materials provided by the Drachen Foundation and presented by the West Indian American Kiters Association.

Traditional Japanese Craft: National Cherry Blossom calligraphers will teach children to write their names in Japanese characters by inking them onto their very own kites.

Stingrays in Flight: Stingrays fly through the water with fins that look like wings. Join the National Aquarium to transform paper into a stingray kite-complete with tail-to fly around the National Mall

The festival features three kite flying competitions:

* Handmade Kite competition, for those who build their own kites
* Hot Tricks showdown
* Rokkaku Kite Challenge for teams.

Be it a diamond or delta, box-kite or rokkaku, honor the art of kite making with color, creativity, and, of course, craft. The possibilities are endless, so stretch your imagination, push the limits, have fun, and be crafty! Whatever you end up creating, please make sure that in order to enter into the competition all kites must fly according to AKA specifications.

Take Metro to the Smithsonian station or take Metrobus routes 30, 32, 34, 35, and 36.

US Capitol Building Washington Monument Cherry Trees White House Lincoln Memorial The Thomas Jefferson Memorial The National World War II Memorial.

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