Hope for Humanity Annual Event(SSVT) - Live Band and Dance Competition, Lanham, MD, US(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 09/16/2012
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http://hopeforhumanitymd.org - Live Band and Dance Competition - Hope for Humanity Annual Event
At Hope for Humanity, our mission is to do research, discover, and fund various worthy causes both in India and the U.S., since there is a great need in both the places.

Dance Competition for Both Classical (like Kuchipudi, BharatNatyam etc . . .) and Non Classical (Folk, Break etc . . .).

Great dance performances by washington metro area dance schools and experience Indian music in a totally new and jaw-dropping setting! No computers and no tracks! From the Burmans to Rehman - enjoy LIVE music. A Fund raising Event for Poor Kids Education and Empowerment Projects.

On September 16th, 2012, 11:00AM - 4:00PM.

Venue: Sri Siva Vishnu Temple(SSVT), 6905 Cipriano Road, Lanham MD-20706.

* Cover band by Notes N Beats - Veena
* Few words by Dr. Navin Boggavarapu
* Ananda Narthana Ganapati - A Bharatanatayam dance by Srishti school of Dance
* Avi Avi - Hadippa - A medly of high enery songs - Notes N Beats
* Shiva Sthuthi - A Bharatanatayam dance - Nrithyashala dance school
* Dolare - Kajare - Medly of melodious numbers - Notes N Beats
* Koluvalunnade Devadevudu - Kuchipudi dance - Kuchipudi Dance Academy
* Know about HFH - Krishna Rao, President
* BollyFusion dance - Rhythmaya school of dance
* Ranjanimala a Bharatanatayam dance - Srishti school of dance
* Ahana Pelli anta - Nidhi Allani
* Bollywood Medley dance - Stone Bridge dance team
* Thillana - Bharatanatayam dance - Nrithyashala dance school
* Classical Fusion dance - Rhythmaya school of dance
* Bollywood Medley dance - Stone Bridge dance team
* Agilam - Bharatanatayam dance - KNS dance school
* Bollywood Medley dance - Nrithyashala dance school
* Ridra Tamdava - KNS dance school
* Kaaheched a fusion dance - KNS dance school
* Shiva stuti - Kuchipudi kalanidhi dance school
* Ramyana shabdam - Kuchipudi kalanidhi dance school

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>Title = Hope for Humanity Annual Event(SSVT) - Live Band and Dance Competition, Lanham, MD, US - Video.
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