Hola Mahalla at San Jose Gurdwara, San Jose, CA, USA(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 03/17/2019
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www.sanjosegurdwara.org - Hola Mahalla at San Jose Gurdwara
Hola Mohalla, also called Hola, is a one-day Sikh festival which most often falls in March and takes place on the second day of the lunar month of Chett, a day after the Hindu spring festival Holi but sometimes coincides with Holi. Hola Mohalla is a big festive event for Sikhs around the world.

The Gurdwara (meaning the Gateway to the Lord) is open to people of all faiths. The Sikh Gurdwara or Sikh Gurdwara - San Jose (a gurdwara is the Sikh place of worship) was founded in San Jose, California, USA in 1985 by leaders of the then-rapidly growing Santa Clara Valley Sikh community. It is the largest gurdwara in North America.

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