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GWTCS - Telugu Ugadi Festival Musical Night, Bethesda, MD, US(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on Apr/14/2012
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http://telugusanskruthi.org/ - Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society(GWTCS)
Thomas W. Pyle Middle School, 6311 Wilson Ln, Bethesda, MD, USA 20817

Greater Washington Telugu Cultural Society(GWTCS)
17614 Auburn Village Dr Sandy Spring MD.

It will aim at organising medical camps, seminars, symposia, discussions, picnics, sports, cultural performances, book reviews, encourage the talent among youth and children. It will try to coordinate with Telugu associations in USA and also with sister organizations of south Indian languages. It will try to bring digintaries from India and from various parts of USA for the benifit of GWTCS.

GWTCS Executive Committee was very proud to bring you one of its best Sri Nandana Nama Ugadhi Musical Nite With Sri Krishna, Sai Shilpa and with all local talents at 5pm on Saturday April 14, 2012(5.30PM to 10PM) at Thomas Pyle Middle School.

Family, friends and relatives one and all and enjoyed Ugadi Festival/Celebrations Musical Nite followed by full course Andhra Dinner!!!

Guests :

1. Isiah Leggett, County Executive.
2. Lt Col Ravi Chaudhary, Air Force officer and Commander of the 317th Recruiting Squadron in Washington DC.
3. Chaplain Dharm, Armys first Hindu Chaplain.
4. Bala Basker, Indian Embassy.
5. Singers from AP, India - Malavika and Saketh

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>Title = GWTCS - Telugu Ugadi Festival Musical Night, Bethesda, MD, US - Video.
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