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Description - Published on 03/20/2016
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As one of the top exhibitions of its kind in the US, the Show:

Covers more than 5 acres,
Includes full-sized designer showcase gardens,
Demonstrates ways to grow, prepare, and preserve your own fresh, organic food,
Exhibits hundreds of flowers and floral designs, and
Offers tens of thousands of wonderful plants and garden-related products to buy.

A full range of free seminars, exhibits, and demonstrations provide continuous opportunities to learn about landscaping, gardening, growing and preparing garden-fresh food, designing with flowers, and creating fantastic garden spaces in your home, school, and community.

Date : 03/16 to 03/20/2016 Time : Wed-Fri 10AM – 7PM, SAT-SUN 10AM to 6PM
Location : San Mateo Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA

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