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Guru Nanak Foundation of America(GNFA) Cultural Program, Laurel, MD, US(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on Mar/24/2013
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http://gnfa.org/ - Guru Nanak Foundation of America(GNFA)
When : Saturday March 23, 2013.
Location : Laurel High School, 8000 Cherry Lane, Laurel, Maryland 20707.

Bhangra, gidda, music, great food and much more.

Guru Nanak Foundation of America - A Gurdwara located in Silver Spring, Maryland 12917 Old Columbia Pike Silver Spring, MD 20904.

Program :
1. Shabad - Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ehe
2. Nikke Nachde
3. Chote Gabru Punjab De group
4. Lil Singhnia
5. Little Girs group
6. Gabru punjab de - junior boys
7. Punjab diya hoora
8. Party Rock Bhangra
9. DholBlasters
10. Gatka
11. Dhiyan Ladliyan
12. DC Metro Punjabi arts academy - Juniors
13. Ladies geet
14. Bhangra
15. Stunning Singhnia
16. Gabroo Punjab De
17. DC Metro Punjabi arts academy - Seniors
18. Special live performance
19. Grand Finale - Punjabi Taur.

>City(s) = Laurel; State(s) = MD; Country = USA.
>Title = Guru Nanak Foundation of America(GNFA) Cultural Program, Laurel, MD, US - Video.
>Keywords = Guru Nanak Foundation of America, GNFA, Cultural Program, Laurel, MD, US, Sat March 23, Laurel High School, Bhangra, gidda, music, great food, Gurdwara, Silver Spring, Old Columbia Pike, Shabad, Nikke Nachde, Punjab diya hoora, DC Metro Punjabi arts academy, Gatka


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