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Festival of India - Rathayatra - ISKCON 2011, Baltimore, MD, US - 0 Pictures

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http://iskconbaltimore.org/wordpress/ - ISKCON - Baltimore
SUN., MAY 29, 2011.

12 noon Baltimore Science Center at Light St. and Key Hwy. Help pull the giant chariot to:


From 2-6 pm at McKeldin Square, corner of Pratt and Light Streets
* FREE exotic vegetarian feast
* Live music, dance and drama
* Cultural exhibits
* Gift shops
* Books on yoga and meditation
* Spiritual discourses
* Kids activities

International Society for Krishna Consciousness
200 Bloomsbury Ave., Catonsville, MD 21228.

Free Feast Every Sunday - Starting 5PM.

Note : Please watch the Video/Pictures ID : 77(2009 Rathyatra Video) for introduction about ISKCON and Rathyatra.

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>Title = Festival of India - Rathayatra - ISKCON 2011, Baltimore, MD, US - Video.
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