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Mission Beach, San Diego, CA, USA(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video

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Description - Published on Feb/21/2016
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http://www.sandiego.org/what-to-do/beaches/mission-beach.aspx - Mission Beach
3000 Mission Blvd, San Diego, CA 92109.

Nestled between Pacific Beach on the north side, and Belmont Park on its southern side, Mission Beach offers a lively and robust variety of activities in the sun, surf and sand. From hot dog stands to fine dining eateries, hot night clubs to street performers, expect to find all kinds of free-spirited beach goers in a fun, carnival-like atmosphere along the sandy shores.

Popular Activities

* Visiting Belmont Park - roller coaster, bumper cars, arcade
* Riding the artificial wave at the Wave House
* Surfing, boogie boarding, kite boarding
* Swimming, but in designated areas in the summer. Watch for signs.
* Fishing off of the Mission Bay jetty
* Walking, jogging and bicycling on the boardwalk

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>Title = Mission Beach, San Diego, CA, USA - Video.
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