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Dusheera Celebrations (Raas Garba, Dandia) by Maya Deepak Group, Milpitas, CA, USA(Event) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on 10/21/2018
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bayvp.org - Dusheera Celebrations(Raas Garba, Dandia)
BAYVP invited all to Dusheera celebrations on Sunday Oct 21st from 4:00PM on-wards. The afternoon was filled with amazing events which started with Raavan Dahan at 4:00PM including cultural program, followed by Raas, Garba with Maya Deepak and group started at 6:00PM til 9:30PM.

As always, BAYVP celebrates Dusheera with the same fervor as done in India, which means, delicious Fafda and Jalebi are a MUST!! We had fresh fafda/jalebi available for purchase during the celebrations, so donot miss this unique opportunity. This is a FREE event.

Bayvp - 25 Corning Ave, Milpitas, California 95035.

>City(s) = Milpitas; State(s) = CA; Country = USA.
>Title = Dusheera Celebrations (Raas Garba, Dandia) by Maya Deepak Group, Milpitas, CA, USA - Video.
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