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The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, Middle River, MD, US(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video
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Description - Published on Jun/13/2012
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http://www.mdairmuseum.org/ - The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, Middle River, MD
http://www.martinstateairport.com/ - Martin State Airport, Middle River, MD
Star-Spangled Sailabration Scheduled Event.

The Glenn L. Martin Maryland Aviation Museum(1990) is a private, non-profit, corporation. The Museums purpose is to maintain an educational institution dedicated to the promotion, preservation, and documentation of aviation and space history in Maryland, namely, the contributions of Glenn L. Martin and his successful company.

Operated by dedicated volunteers, the Museum is active in the cultural life of surrounding communities and has begun to extend its activities state-wide. The Museum is certified by the U.S. Navy and Army. All funds required for the acquisition, restoration, maintenance, and display of museum material are derived from individual and corporate donations. Members of the Museum share a desire to preserve aviation history and we welcome all those who share the same interests.

Hours: 11 AM to 3 PM Wednesday through Saturday
Martin State Airport Hangar 5, Suite 531
701 Wilson Point Road, Middle River, MD 21220.

>City(s) = Middle River; State(s) = MD; Country = USA.
>Title = The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, Middle River, MD, US - Video.
>Keywords = The Glenn L Martin Maryland Aviation Museum, Middle River, MD, Star Spangled Sailabrations, aviation space history,Maryland, US Navy Army,Martin State Airport

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