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Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour, Napa, CA, USA(Visiting Place) - Video Visiting Place Video

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Description - Published on Jul/26/2017
Hotels     Car     Restaurants     Attractions     Directions     Weather    (Nicholson Ranch Winery)
Hotels     Car     Restaurants     Attractions     Directions     Weather    (Domaine Carneros)
Hotels     Car     Restaurants     Attractions     Directions     Weather    (Madonna Estate)
Hotels     Car     Restaurants     Attractions     Directions     Weather    (Sutter Home)
Hotels     Car     Restaurants     Attractions     Directions     Weather    (Yountville)
Escape to Californias famous wine country on this full-day tour from San Francisco. Taste regional varietals at different wineries in Napa and Sonoma, including both big-name and family-run estates.

* Admire the rolling hills and vineyards that make up Americas premier wine region
* Visit celebrated wineries for guided tours and tastings
* Learn about the history of winemaking

Nicholson Ranch Winery, 4200 Napa Rd, Sonoma
Domaine Carneros, 1240 Duhig Rd, Napa
Madonna Estate, 5400 Old Sonoma Rd, Napa
Sutter Home, 277 St Helena Hwy, St Helena
V Marketplace - 6525 Washington St, Yountville

Napas charmingly chic town of Yountville could be used for a stop for lunch. Choose from starred restaurants, casual bistros or picnic provision spots, and enjoy free time to browse specialty shops like Kollar Chocolates, local art galleries, and the historic V Marketplace.

>City(s) = Napa; State(s) = CA; Country = USA.
>Title = Napa and Sonoma Wine Country Tour, Napa, CA, USA - Video.
>Keywords = Napa, Sonoma , Wine Country Tour, CA, USA, Nicholson Ranch Winery, Domaine Carneros, Madonna Estate, Sutter Home, V Marketplace, Yountville, St Helena

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